Checkout The Top 5 Reasons Mz Kiss Is The Next Best Female Act In Nigeria

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The evolution of hip-hop in Nigeria leaves so many lovers of good music in doubt of a prolific and consistent female participant in the musical face of the nation.

It is no more news that in Nigeria of today, hardly will you see a female act that last and relevant to some extent unlike males that last some decades or more.

However, there have been some females in the industry doing good at the moment, perfect examples include the likes of Tiwa, Chidinma and Eva, but here is a big question, “for how long would they last”? Search no more for an answer, the breaking to norm of the most official Mz Kiss have left nothing on our minds other than the assurance of being the next female act to stay relevant in the music industry more than the previous ladies that have surfaced, and the reasons goes thus:

1.Poly-Capable: Pardon me please, I do not know of a better English word to describe someone who is good and talented in more than one specialization. Tracing back the lack of continuous reigning of females to the back victims, I got to know a very big factor is the inability of these people to have mixed fans of all types. As there are so many types of singers, we have fans of different types also. some love rap music, some love to dance to the song of their best singers. Mz Kiss seems to be the only female artiste I know that gives accurate rap lines and at the same time capable of singing a melodious dance track in an effortlessly manner. Which makes no one within her fan circle having the excuse of saying she would go irrelevant when rap song goes exile and people tends to prefer commercial tracks or vice versa.

2. Signed And Labelled: Even though she independently released some tracks in the starting days of her career, Her first singles under no record label “YOU GO CRAZE”, followed by her “HOLLA AT ME” freestyle received huge media acceptance which led to majority craving for he subsequent tracks “FIGURE 8” and “SPATACUZ”. which she wasted no time in releasing the visuals of these widely accepted tracks. I do not want to tell you how excellent those videos was. but I hope you know what would come out of any video in Nigeria that is being developed by the famous Paul Gambit. This short success story of our dear “KISS” not only tempted the fans, but caught the eyes of some record label owners also which made one of the most successful record label owners in Nigeria “Illbliss of Capital Hill Records” wasted no time in signing the next big thing in the industry. You would agree with me that hardly will an artiste get known without being under a cool record label most especially females. Mz Kiss already conquered this.

3. Only Hits And Hits: We have seen so many ghost artistes in this country, they voice out acceptable tracks today, and then tomorrow, they spit out songs that smells like a throw up from constipation. While you are currently smiling on this, I am happy to add to what you have been thinking. We all know Mz Kiss receives a plus one on this, Her first track under Illbliss record label “Owo Meta”became a street anthem instantly, and only sane people will agree with me “Stoopid”with Falz is also one hell of a hit track. What more do you need from a talented and prolific artiste like KISS.

4.Independent: Free from all sides, not relying on someone’s authority, even though he’s under a record label, Justina Omowunmi unlike other females in the music industry that depends on their bosses or other notable personalities to hype their songs before releasing them, she does’nt push extra effort to these people, only because she knows her music speaks for her whenever she gives one to her fans. And this, as a matter of fact is worthy to be emulated, female should learn how to leave the decision for fans rather than telling other celebrities to publicize their traks and fans end up being disappointed when they eventually listen to it.

5. Youthful Advantage: The best time for one(esp. ladies) to reach her peak is at the tender age. Yes it has affected some in the past, what they needed to do at the freshness of their soul and energy. They seem to be wasting time doing other things and they begin the normal procedures when they are no more relevant. Such ladies are the one that eventually leave their career to base on other businesses thereby leaving fans disappointed. Mz Kiss doing the right thing at the right time as before she goes up in age, she would have achieved the needful and we all would be so proud of her.

These and many more facts makes us keeping our hopes high that we now have a lady of our time who will not fade away soonest as the people of the past.

Written by: Akhampapa

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