10 Reasons Why Kogi State Artistes Will Never Blow

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Most kogi state artistes fail to blow not by destiny or ill luck,

but as a result of lack of seriousness, styles and many more

which we shall discuss.

I am by name Adamu Abdulrazaq Eneamone the Ceo And

Founder Of EneNaija Media am not much of a writer but it

takes a step to change a lifestyle.

1. Poor Production

This has been the major factor affecting the quality of kogi

artist. Most of the artist use laptop to record a song, no

microphone to filter voice, everything will look as bad as old

woman shouting if not better than, they hardly agree that they

have money to enter studio for a good quality sound and this

is where their problem all originated from.

2. Usage Of Free Beat

This has been another niche on their production as they

believe in poverty, always complaining of money, is hard for

them to get good instrumental that rhyme with their lyrics

which we know for sure that it will surely make their song

dope but what they do is, go online download already used

free beat and repeat already recorded lyrics in another way or

another tribe given the glory to the artist that own the beat.

3. Problem Of Good Artwork

Kogi state artistes hardly go to studio to take good photo

shot, am a graphics designer and a blogger I know what i saw

when I asked artist to send his picture for his artwork, to my

greatest surprise they will send picture that look blur having

the same color like the color of old black and white TV used

in last century. based on this problem of artwork some that

manage to get good picture with their blackberry or Android

will always complain of money even at the discount rate of

500 naira you will still hear rubbish.

4. Lack Of Record Label

Apart from the aspect of production, management is another

problem, most kogi artistes own personal record label (self

manager). This makes everything hard for them, as it results

to lack of funding. but I blame most of the kogi artistes who

have gone far since last 10 years like YQ, JAYWON, and the

rest, they should have set up a panel for the youth of their

tribe and locality to come up, unlike YBNL which tried it best

to bring up their youth, same as MAVIN RECORDS, this has

been major things kogi artistes lack as a whole.

5. Poor Lyrics

This is clear, we all know repetition of lyrics line is common

among artistes but when we talk of kogi artistes hmm! is like

most of their songs are mainly copyright. They don’t spend

time to discover good lyrics like Godwin by Korede Bello,

what they do is check lyrics online make amendment and

voice it, this make fans to be tired of the same pattern of song

every time.

6. Poor Promotion

Yes! I must say this has caused more effect than the rest point

above, as we know media have the power to make black goat

look like white goat, that is, even if the song is not all that

good media can package it and promote it to the highest

level, this depend on how much one invest. Checking into

kogi state artistes they don’t have good song yet they don’t

have money for media to package them, they will always be

requesting for free and cheap stuff. Even on bonanza they

will still complain.

7. Lack Of Show

This problem is mostly common in song areas in kogi state, it

is hard to see well packaged show that will move artistes to

the next level, unless the organizer is from outside kogi state,

bringing one or two artistes from Lagos. If you try to

organize show in kogi state they will make your business die,

because everything is hard even when the area is poor small

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hall still cost like heaven, Kogi as a whole lack sponsor, and

no partnership, yet I believe many things can be achieved if

artistes collaborate to host event but those artist can’t come

together under the same fate to organize event and benefit

from it this is due to the reason that most of them own

personal label and have different motive on which person

name will be at the front of event unlike AY Event, even if

you call artistes for partnership they will like to change the

title of the event to their own which is very bad and make

things difficult for them.

8. Low Self Esteem

On this point, I must say it ought to be the first problem but

yet it jump to number eight, checking different history of

many kogi upcoming artist on how they started music, you

will find out that they don’t believe in music as a career

unlike DAVIDO that hold the fate of becoming a super star

despite poor support from parent even when they have the

money to support him. Kogi State Artistes don’t want to do

music, they don’t even believe they can, is just by luck they

have someone, like friend or brother who used laptop to

record their first song with free beat from online, from there,

their music career have started and the song if you check it

very well it will be dedicated to their girlfriend or they will

have lyrics like am made, cash flow etc. This kept one

question ringing on my mind if I do everything free to get a

track am sure to blow will be for free, I don’t need to pay any

marketer or promoter etc? That is a long life dream I must

say, that is why most of them can’t invest into their music


9. Pride

It is a painful thing kogi artistes have not been recorded as

best for years, am not surprise at all since the era of

JAYWON, YQ, TERRY THA RAPMAN and the rest that made

it far for 9 years now most kogi artistes are just low key

artistes. Check most of them, call them for small event they

will charge you more than JAYWON AND OLAMIDE will,

even if you are a blogger they don’t respect the fact that you

own part of their success. They believe on one track am made

and this has been killing their career.

10. Lack Of Interest

Kogi upcoming artist will never invest up to 4k for

production, promotion, etc let me break it down that is if they

pay for work, free beat downloaded for 5mb, voiced at friend

place with laptop and give him 500naira then use android app

to write their name and song title on picture and started

sending to friends via Bluetooth transfer or using datafilehost

to generate download link but they never know that blogger

traffic sell more than personal friends that you have, Since

they spend less in getting a track they believe they don’t need

to spend more to promote it, they will say “Why Will I Pay

You 3k To Upload My Song, How Much Did I Produce It?”

they will forever be looking for free stuff which will never


They hardly share the link to their own song. They spend time

talking rather than working they don’t believe they can go

anywhere with what they have.

It is a bad thing to use the word “never blow” but the truth is,

if they don’t change their mentality it will be hard for them to

go far to where they are aiming at, is like having desire

without goal.

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Written By @Eneamone

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